The Background Noise Podcast

Episode 267: Stupid Sexy Penguins

- EGOT Grandslammer? Never heard of him

- Bill Cosby why. I loved you. :(

- Don Lemon would bite Cosby's dick off

- Congrats Charles Manson!

- Seals are raping penguins. What?

- Animals sexing and fighting

- Benjy the Gay Bull

- The hardest place to visit

  • Length: 57 minutes, 22 seconds
  • Published: November 21, 2014

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This is an uncensored podcast — an internet radio program with profane and disturbing conversations that will ruin your child's life if you let her listen to it. So don't.

Broadcasting like clockwork for over a year, Background Noise is a weekly comedy and talk Podcast released every Friday with Luke James (a light-skinned black man prone to laughing fits and unadulterated silliness), Devin Deuville (a basement dwelling server admin hermit), and Derrek Ord (a jobless, anxiety filled, quirky ass). Voted as Mixclouds best of 2010, they're taking Halifax and the internet over, one dick joke at a time.

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